Introducing X-TAG PREMIUM luggage tags –...

X-TAG Premium Luggage Tag

Introducing X-TAG PREMIUM luggage tags – your brand on the move.

Custom-printed X-TAG luggage tags offer numerous advertising opportunities for your travel company. With branded luggage tags, no suitcase goes missing, ensuring your customers remember their dream vacation booked through you. Well-designed luggage tags are popular among customers as promotional items and often remain attached to suitcases for future trips, providing years of affordable advertising for your company.

Our X-TAG PREMIUM luggage tags are made from tear-resistant, eco-friendly material, easily customizable for eye-catching advertising directly on your target audience's suitcase handle. Choose from 15 different X-TAG PREMIUM variants, each offering custom printing options. With various sizes, strengths, materials, features like numbering and tear-offs, the possibilities are endless. Strengthen your brand and receive personalized, free consultations at +49 (0)6162 5554.

Branded luggage tags are ideal for bus trips, cruises, flights, luggage transfers, hiking, and trekking. Our expedition luggage tags, X-TAG XPedition or X-TAG Survive, are perfect for canoeing, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, exhibitions, trade shows, VIP services, and equipment maintenance or labeling.

For private use, find free printable luggage tag templates in our news section. Order custom-printed luggage tags starting from just 6 pieces with our X-TAG XPedition, all manufactured in Germany, ensuring quick delivery to your doorstep.

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