Discover our X-TAG luggage tags with tear-off...

Kofferanhänger mit Nummer und Abriss

Discover our X-TAG luggage tags with tear-off tabs and numbering, perfectly suited for hotels, luggage storage facilities, and trade shows where luggage drop-off is required. These specialized tags not only allow for luggage identification but also ensure unique identification through numbering and convenient tear-off perforation. With their durable foil and easy handling, they're the ideal solution for securely managing luggage and returning it to its owner upon tear-off. Whether you're a hotelier, operate a luggage storage facility, or participate in a trade show, our X-TAG luggage tags offer you a reliable and efficient solution for organizing and labeling luggage. Designed perfectly in your branding, these luggage tags convey your advertising message and are noticed and appreciated by all customers. Choose quality and functionality for your luggage management – choose X-TAG.

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